Where is Venissa?

Located on the water’s edge on the quiet island of Mazzorbo, just a 30-min vaporetto ride from Venice, Venissa is the place to come if you want enjoy all that the romantic city has to offer, while also having space and tranquility and access to fine wine and food.

Venissa has its own vineyard and produces wine from a very old grape variety called Dorona, that has been found in the Lagoon for hundreds of years. It produces a white wine of a brilliant gold colour and Venissa bottles its miniscule production (only about 4,000 bottles a year, of which half are only for sale at Venissa) in a bottle decorated with gold leaf. The wine has the unique qualities of the soil, which is rich in minerals from the lagoon and has quite a high salt content from the regular aqua alta – the high tides that periodically flood the land.


But Venissa is not just a place to learn about winemaking in the Lagoon. It is a very chic retreat, with a few rooms decorated to a very high standard with minimal, Scandinavian-style furnishings. It also has a Michelin-starred restaurant, which is open April to October, and a delightful Osteria serving stylish Venetian food cooked from what is available in the vegetable garden and from the neighbouring Burano fishermen.

What to do?

The island of Burano can be reached from a bridge that stretches from outside the gate of the vineyard. There are no hotels on the island and so tourists come for day trips. If you stay at Venissa you get the privilege of walking the streets of colourful houses in the light of sunrise or sunset with nobody else but the locals and you can enjoy a meal in one of the friendly restaurants. Venissa recommends Gatto Nero or Da Primo (although you should definitely sample the Michelin-star food at Venissa first!).

Venissa will add a wonderfully new perspective to your Venice experience.

Antonia Windsor, February 2015

Andrew is a firm believer that travelling like a local inevitably leads to the best off-the-beaten-path finds which truly make a destination remarkably more memorable. From traditional Indian festivals in humid Hyderabad to fresh seafood pasta by the Sorrentine Peninsula, he appreciates variety when travelling. He hasn't been everywhere, but it’s on the list.