Market of Uzès offers a journey through the cuisine of Southern France

Tucked away in the region of Le Gard, a short distance from its larger neighbours Avignon and Nîmes, lies the town of Uzès, a quiet and unassuming French town lined with white limestone buildings.

From the nearby UNESCO Heritage Site the Pont du Gard to a medieval garden, Uzès has plenty to offer the traveller who seeks a glimpse into life in a French countryside town. Its main draw however is its shopping; set within the quirky old town are a host of individual boutiques and cafes, with the bi-weekly market in the Place aux Herbes bringing the locals together with its diversity of sights and smells.

It is definitely easy to see why the market has become such a centrepiece of the town – taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the square becomes a maze of stalls, selling all manner of local southern French cuisine alongside artisan wares such as leather purses and hunting knives.

Several varieties of breads, cheeses, olives and meats line the food stalls, with some stalls even hosting several variations of a single food theme; goat’s cheeses of all shapes and sizes fill the tables of one stall, some plain, others flavoured with herbs, lavender or peppercorns. The smell of street food also fills the air; from paella cooked in enormous pans to roasting chickens turning on a spit, the market takes you on a culinary journey through the food of Le Gard.

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Image: Andy Walker, available under Creative Commons

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