Unleash your sweet tooth at the upcoming Artisan Chocolate Fair of Florence

Visit the Artisan Chocolate Fair near our boutique hotels in Florence

Taking place from February 12-21 2016 is one of the most delectable foodie events on the Italian annual calendar, the Artisan Chocolate Fair of Florence.

The fair is one of the leading showcases for master chocolatiers from both Italy and around the world, and with the event spread out over ten days, you’ll want to come back day after day to try more of the hundreds of varieties of chocolate on display here.

Located in the Piazza della Republica, it’s easy to locate the fair, as the piazza is the largest in Florence, found right in the heart of the old town. Once home to a forum in the Roman era, followed by a food market hall in the medieval period, today the historic area is home to several major events such as this.

The main attraction of the fair is the stalls featuring hundreds of chocolate makers from many parts of Italy as well as further afield, showcasing years of experience and tradition to bring visitors some delicious chocolate in all forms, shapes and colours. From artistic statues crafted from chocolate to skewers of fruit dipped in chocolate, you’ll be sure to find something here that will tantalise your taste buds. On a cold February’s day in Florence, there’s nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate so thick you’ll need to eat it with a spoon!

Alongside the stalls, there’s plenty of other ways to get hands-on with chocolate, from masterclasses where you can watch the professionals at work and even try making some chocolate yourself to chocolate tastings and chocolate hunts for the kids.

With ten days to try all of this chocolate, make February the month you stay at our boutique hotels in Florence, located right in the heart of the city but offering a luxurious escape from the bustling crowds.

Image: George Grinsted, available under Creative Commons

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