3 things not to miss on your adventure to Kenya

Kenya beach near our Boutique Hotel, Diamonds dream of Africa

Lapped by the Indian Ocean, and sat right on the equator, Kenya is a paradise for nature and culture lovers. The landscape is full of patchwork farms, wooded savannah and forested hills, making it one of the most breathtaking places to travel to.

We have picked three of our favourite things to do whilst staying at one of our boutique hotels, Diamonds Dream of Africa. This hotel sits right on the shoreline in Malindi, gentle waves can lap your feet as you look out on the sparkling Indian Ocean, surrounded by palm trees and soft white sand.

Tsavo National Park

Though Tsavo forms one continuous stretch of land, it is actually split into two entities. The park is famed for its huge numbers of elephants that gather at the Galana River. You can even spot leopards, lions, buffaloes and rhinos. The park is also a haven for a huge range of birds. The park covers an area of 20,807 square kilometres and is Kenya’s largest wildlife stronghold. In the northern part of the park, it is possible to drive up to some fabulous vantage points such as Poacher’s Lookout. From here, on a clear day, you can view Mount Kilimanjaro.

Another one of the parks attractions is the Mzima Springs, where sparkling clear springs are home to hippo’s and crocodiles. You can watch these amazing animals from an underground lookout.

In addition, there is a 70 square kilometre fenced reserve called the Ngulia Rhinoceros Sanctuary. This is to protect the black rhino, and is one of the only places in the country where it is possible to view this incredible creature.

Spa and Wellness

Diamonds Dream of Africa has a spa and wellness centre onsite. Mvua African Rain Spa is a balanced oasis to calm your body and senses. The treatments are based on African, European and Asian traditions. There are relaxation packages, signature treatments, massages, rituals and scrubs and face treatments.
There is also a salt-water pool onsite and is full of water jets to relax your body. This pool provides you with an experience of comfort and relaxation, as well as helping to stimulate your blood and help with your lymph circulation. It recharges your body with minerals, reduces local strains and can also reduce cellulite. Additionally, there are other beauty treatments such as, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow tinting, waxing and henna.

Marafa-Hells Kitchen

This site is one of the most underrated places on the Kenyan coast. It is just over an hour’s drive from Malindi and is geological formation caused by erosion of the sandstone escarpment, revealing a unique set of vibrantly coloured rock layers. Marafa Hell’s Kitchen features an array of jagged gorges and tall chimneys, some of them stretch up to 30 meters high. The best way to explore this phenomenon is by taking a guided walk. The best time to visit is sunset, which offers breathtaking views of the formations natural beauty and the jungle beyond.

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