Sailing and sea tours in Santorini

For some of our more adventurous travellers, exploring the island of Santorini alone may not be enough, with the island’s surrounding coastline and bright blue waters luring them to take to the seas. Luckily, the range of sea tours on offer, be it on a yacht, catamaran or sailing boat, allow you to explore the Aegean Sea and the coast of Santorini as you wish.

Tours by boat are one of the more exclusive ways to see more of the coast of Santorini, with many operators, such as Anchors Away, offering private excursions with a personalised service to suit your requirements. As Santorini luxury hotels become ever more popular, booking well in advance is recommended, especially in the summer seasons and if you are only staying for a few days.

Shaped by volcanic eruptions over millions of years, the coastline of Santorini offers much to see, from blissful beaches to sky-high clifftops, all set against a backdrop of year-round sunshine. You may also have a chance to see close up the island’s famous volcanic caldera, surrounded by small towns and villages which overlook the sea from up to 350m above, or dive or snorkel into the sea to discover what lies beneath.

Many operators, including Santorini Sailing, offer dinner on board ship – and at Chic we reckon that’s a practically perfect end to a day on the ocean wave. If this sounds like a holiday excursion you’d love to try, visit our website to book a stay in one of our Santorini luxury hotels.

Image: Thomas, available under Creative Commons

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