Ravello Festival brings a variety of performances to the Amalfi Coast

Since June 20th, the long-running Ravello Festival has been taking place in the small town of Ravello, situated a short distance from our Amalfi Coast hotels, near the larger resorts of Positano and Amalfi.

Now in its 63rd year, the Ravello Festival is dedicated to hosting performances spanning theatre, music, opera, dance and the arts, with this year’s theme being ‘InCanto’, meaning ‘enchantment’, while also incorporating the Italian word for song, ‘canto’.

To commemorate the festival, there will also be an installation of sculptures by artist Augusto Perez throughout the Villa Rufolo, a historic villa dating back to 1200 surrounded by grand gardens, and on the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer terrace.

Traditionally the festival both begins and ends with the music of the famous composer Wagner, who visited the Villa Rufolo in 1880, with the opera Parsifal, which Wagner was working on during his time in Ravello, set to bring the festival to a close.

The remainder of the programme includes world-class ballet, opera, classical music and theatre performances, as well as European-exclusive concerts by artists such as Phillip Glass and Laurie Anderson.

The festival continues until September 5th, so there is still time to head over to the Amalfi Coast and enjoy the performances as part of your holiday.

Image: Ravello Festival

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