Interiors inspiration: How to get the Moroccan look

With its vibrant colours, hot climate and rich culture – Morocco is a country that begs to be explored. What’s more, there are some beautiful properties to stay at when doing so – from intimate and inviting riads nestled in the medinas of Marrakech and Fes to opulent escapes on the coast at Essaouira. But why not bring a little of this exotic style and design away with you on your return? Here Sam Hood, creative director of luxury interiors brand Amara, shares her top tips on how to recreate the Moroccan look at home…


Recreate the Moroccan look in your home

Amara’s Haven bedroom collection

The start of a new season is the perfect time to look at refreshing your interior with an updated look. Moroccan architecture and interior design reflect the country’s diverse history through unique detail, texture and geometry and offers the perfect inspirational style. Influenced by multiple cultures and religions, this genre of interior style can feel at home in traditional or modern homes. Rich, luxurious and exotic, the style has strong, bold colours and shapes that make it a favourite of many interior designers. 


Moroccan Style Décor: Living Room

Riad Farnatchi, Marrakech

Not many of us will have a tiled backdrop at the ready in our living space, but we can easily get the look by adding a statement wall of tile-inspired wallpaper, or with geometric patterned soft furnishings. The same with beautiful archways and curved doorways in the Islamic keyhole design, which are some of the style’s most recognisable elements, but try adding these details through less permanent and inexpensive paint finishes. Tactile textures are a must-have in the living room, along with a colour palette featuring jewelled purples or blues in plush velvet; adding comfort through layered cushions and throws will bring the souk style to your sofa. Tile, geometric patterns with strong colour accents sat next to lashings of white are key to getting the balance of this just right. For a quick fix, add a few accessories such as a hammered metal tray and floor cushions or poufs with a more modern graphic design in a rug for a modern twist.


Moroccan Style Décor: Bedroom

Riad de Tarabel, Marrakech

When incorporating a Moroccan style décor into your bedroom, opt for a cool and calming palette to encompass a peaceful state of mind. To counteract the bustling streets of Marrakech, the bedroom is often a haven of tranquility; try using sea blues or sky greys with plenty of neutral shades. One of the easiest ways to bring geometrics into the bedroom is by adding patterns in the way of bed linen. Layer textures with bed cushions and bedspreads, and look to rugs to bring texture into the scheme too. Twinkling fairy lights and plenty of tea-light holders and candles bring a calmer, romantic atmosphere into your bedroom. You can add accents of colour here to create alternative moods and enhance the light created in your haven. Home fragrances in the bedroom should have calming notes with heady spices to add to the ambiance.


Moroccan Style Décor: Dining

Madada Mogador, Essaouira

A big part of Moroccan culture is the delicious food, and the exotic yet elegant style can be easily be applied to your dining area. Colour is key to bringing Moroccan style into the dining room, look for jewelled tones that can be used for glassware and coordinated with table linen. Think bold and generous when it comes to table decorations and foliage to reflect the generosity and energy of the local culture. Bringing candlelight to the setting is important and can instantly create a warm and welcoming ambience reminiscent of hot evenings, dining beneath the stars. To add glamour and elegance to the look, use reflective surfaces with metallic touches such as placemats and vases which add grandeur and depth of character.


Moroccan Style Décor: Bathroom

Riad Noir D’Ivoire, Marrakech

Moroccan style décor and that hammam vibe is achievable at home with just a few simple bathroom updates. Here it is all about the details, look to use ornate finishes across accessories and bathroom must-haves such as mirrors preferably in evocative shapes such as arches with engraved or carved relief. Adding super soft towels and robes for warmth and a little every day extravagance. Plants in the bathroom help to refresh the room and bring the outside in. Gold and brass touches will help reflect a luxurious feel and, for the ultimate finishing touches, add rose petals sprinkled over the bath water with an array of colourful tea-light holders around the room.


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