Host Story: Dukley Hotel & Resort

Dukley Hotel and Resort; Budva, Montenegro. 

Nestled into stunning landscaped evergreen gardens embellished with mimosas, and mature pine, cypress and olive groves, the 5-star Dukley Hotel & Resort offers luxurious accommodation in 50 residences. Each residence is uniquely decorated and equipped with modern amenities.

The sweeping views across the Zavala Peninsula help to create a serene oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. The sprawling coastal estate is an exclusive sanctuary with direct access to the beach and 24hr security.

Due to its exceptional peaceful ambience, Dukley Hotel and Resort is locally known as ‘the island’. On-site, guests can enjoy an attentive flawless service, stylish dining venues, a private beach area, lavish scenery and chic business facilities.

Dukley Hotel & Resort; Sales & Events Manager, Kristina Jonica.

We sat down with Kristina, an integral member of the Dukley Hotel team to find out the inspiration behind this uniquely special retreat.

We wanted to create a place where you can replenish yourself, a place with the comfort and convenience as if you were right at home. At Dukley Hotel & Resort, no room and residence is the same. Every one of our residences offers a distinctive setting and vibe. The intention was to offer every couple, family and individual a place they can call their own.”

Meticulously considering every detail, Dukley indulges its guests with the privileges of a five-star hotel; an enviable locale with chic facilities, comprehensive services, warm and attentive staff. Inside Dukley Hotel & Resort, guests are offered a harbour filled with the security, peace and pleasure.


Kristina gave us a brief insight into how the Dukley Hotel & Resort has taken inspiration from its local surroundings; “In Montenegro’s rich cultural heritage, we have found the inspiration for our name – Dukley.’ DOCLEA (locally called Duklja) was the Latin name of the most important urban centre from the Roman period in the territory of modern Montenegro, as well as the oldest state form of present-day Montenegro.”

“By incorporating an important part of Montenegrin and European history we have entwined our company credo and brand with the everlasting values of this area. On the secluded Zavala peninsula in Montenegro’s most attractive tourist destination – Budva, we have found unforeseen natural beauty and a perfect place for the ultimate luxury residences. In these stunning gardens, we have created an urban oasis of sweet fragrances and every modern amenity you can think of.”


The design was created by the renowned architect, Sergei Tchoban and the experts from the German studio NPS Tchoban Voss Architekten BDA. The interior design successfully combines the fascinating context of landscape, contemporary high-tech design and ability to blend in with the local architectural style. The resort directly overlooks the Adriatic Sea, only a few meters from the beach and luxury facilities with traditional stone façades, naturally combining tradition with modernity.


Led by Executive Chef Dusan Lazor, Dukley’s expert kitchen team, is a mix of young and innovative chefs with one idea – love for food and indulging all your senses.

As Kristina explains; “With our established gastronomic concept, we are continually striving for perfection in both taste and visual sensation. We embrace modern techniques mastered in Northern Europe and the vibrant tastes of the Southern Mediterranean. From Asia, we’ve acquired great respect for every ingredient and cooking for wellbeing. Finally, from America, we’ve learned two things: be original and keep in mind that the customer comes first.”

With this approach, a balanced and innovative cuisine is at your fingertips, from worldwide light dishes served directly on the beach, to a classy fine dining experience during the evening.

Dukley Seafront Restaurant

“Our Master Bartender and mixologist along with his team creates authentic tastes, world classics our way, and only the best quality drinks and ingredients which is the concept that represents our personal mark. The first sip tastes just as good as the last – Balanced, exciting and rich.”

“As a personal pride and touch, our restaurant presents a seldom found wine collection with over 200 labels displayed in an impressive wine wall. Each bottle was hand-picked to match the heavenly flavours prepared by our chefs.”

Chicretreats Foodie Tip: we recommend you taste the Dukley’s exquisite black risotto and perfectly grilled octopus.

We asked Kristina if she had a favourite spot in the hotel: “Each place offers a unique experience, one of our personal favourites is Laguna Beach & Seafood restaurant.”

Surrounded by tranquil blue waters and mesmerizing cliffside views Laguna Beach is sheltered between the pine tree forests which reign over the Zavala peninsula. This place respires with a sense of seclusion, an idle surrounding for families and friends at any given time of the day.”

Featuring delectable specialities combined from the freshest ingredients the Adriatic Sea has to offer, Laguna’s seafood restaurant will take you on a gastronomical journey yet to be experienced.

Laguna Beach & Seafood Restaurant.

“As the sun sets over Budva, you can delight in a night swim and pleasing sounds of a saxophone or a guitar every single night. The shimmering candlelit atmosphere will take you back to those carefree moments and let you rejuvenate as you sip on our finest wines.”

The Dukley Experience

Each member of our staff has an exciting background as well as rich experience in the hospitality industry. Every individual has unique traits that when combined create the unique and proud team of Dukley.

“We are both your hosts and your guides. Helping with every aspect of your day truly provides us with satisfaction and ensuring that you carry a smile on your face throughout your stay is paramount to our staff”.

Kristina details how the Dukley ensures every experience is special for their guests; “Our goal is to create an all-around unique and fulfilling experience for all of our guests. Not only by offering the advanced and outstanding service within our resort but also by creating a memorable experience in our wonderful minuscule country.”

“Our staff go above and beyond to meet all expectations and demands, providing 24/7 service at hand and ensuring that the comfort and security of all our guests are of the utmost importance.” 


Dukley Infinity Pool Club

Budva, once a small and quiet coastal town on the Adriatic Sea, is now the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. Known for its well-preserved medieval walled city, sandy beaches and diverse nightlife.

Relax and unwind in one of the hotel’s three unique concept beaches and restaurants, whilst enjoying the benefits of the Infinity Pool Club. The rooftop deck boasts a pool and poolside sunbeds that are strategically positioned under shady parasols. The view across the shimmering azure pool, and the beautiful harbour and Zavala Peninsula, is absolutely breathtaking. If you’re feeling active, you can temporarily leave the resort sanctuary to explore the surrounding diverse countryside. The hotel’s taxi-boat will take you to Budva Old Town. Alternatively, you can enjoy a yachting adventure, guided mountain tours and watersports.

“Some of our favourite places include the UNESCO protected Bay of Kotor, Tara river canyon, Skadar lake National Park as one of the largest lakes on the Balkans, Lovcen National Park and the Old Royal capital Cetinje, Ada Bojana as a kite-surfers heaven. Of course, the charming Old Town of Budva is not to be skipped along with countless other cultural, historical and natural wonders of our country.”

Finally, we asked Kristina why she decided to partner with Chic Retreats and what is different about us?

“Chic Retreats understands the importance of intimate details and offering unique interests and preferences. Both Chicretreats and Dukley are detailed-oriented and unique in the way they care for their clientele. We believe that our profiles match on a level that truly creates the best value for our guests.”

“The story-telling behind Chic Retreats presents a true inspiration which is valued by those whose time is precious when planning the most important time of the year for them.”

“We are proud to be a part of that story.”

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