Holidays with boutique style

Boutique hotels are designed to offer you a travel experience you won’t forget. Their interiors, fittings, facilities and services are carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the very best of everything during your stay. There are as many different boutique styles as there are hotels, but what binds them all together in this class of accommodation is their design flair and attention to detail.

Destination boutique

No matter where you want to go, there will be a hotel with style and individuality that will turn your trip into an experience. Whether you’re heading to London or New York on business, or taking a romantic holiday to the Caribbean or Bali, choosing a boutique-style hotel can really make a difference. These hotels deliver:

  • Style – whether its minimalist chic, classic contemporary or ethnically-inspired, the design and décor of hotels in this category really matters. Owners spend a lot of time researching themes and tracking down furniture, fabrics and accessories that give them the look they want, without compromising on comfort or quality. It’s this planning, creativity and style-conscious attitude that turns an everyday guesthouse into a boutique establishment.
  • Atmosphere – it’s really important that these hotels feel different as soon as you walk in. It may be to do with the way you’re greeted, or the location of the reception area. It may be the welcome tray or gift package that’s left in your room, or it could be the restaurant that’s packed with locals because it’s so good. Whatever it is that distinguishes the boutique hotel from the chain hotel is immediately apparent in its atmosphere.
  • Service – whilst other hotels are busy telling you about how great their service is, boutique hotels are getting on and doing it. They only employ the best staff and ensure that they really do know how to anticipate guests’ needs and how to go that little bit further to ensure that guests feel at home. Whether its an honesty bar in the sleek lounge area, or last-minute theatre tickets, these hotels ensure that you are comfortable asking for help and that you receive the levels of service that sets boutique accommodation apart.

You’re missing out if you haven’t yet stayed in a stylish boutique hotel. Take a look through our collection so that your next holiday has real boutique style.

Andrew is a firm believer that travelling like a local inevitably leads to the best off-the-beaten-path finds which truly make a destination remarkably more memorable. From traditional Indian festivals in humid Hyderabad to fresh seafood pasta by the Sorrentine Peninsula, he appreciates variety when travelling. He hasn't been everywhere, but it’s on the list.