5 reasons to visit Rome this winter

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Rome is a classic European city destination, offering world-famous architecture, a host of incredible restaurants, an unrivalled shopping experience and much, much more. A few nights’ stay in the city centre at one of our boutique hotels in Rome is enough to immerse you in its unique atmosphere; which combines the historic with the modern and the busy with the relaxed. Rome is a destination which is well worth visiting at any time of the year, but is arguably at its best in winter. Here’s why…

Fewer crowds

Although Rome is always a hit with tourists, there are much fewer of them in the winter – in the summer the crowds can reach almost intolerable levels. You’ll therefore have much more breathing room and you’ll be able to better take in the street scenery, from hanging flowers to the cobbled streets and hanging Christmas lights. While world-famous attractions such as the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel command huge queues in peak time, in December – for instance – there’s either very little or no queuing required at all. Winter holidays also give you the chance to snap that perfect photo in front of the city’s many landmarks, from the Spanish Steps to the Trevi Fountain.

Hearty winter food

Italy is known around the world for its amazing cuisine, which varies not just by region but also by season, too. The winter sees more hearty dishes coming onto the menu, such as soups and stews, as well as its own slew of seasonal fruits and vegetables, which include artichokes, chestnuts, clementines and tarocchi (a Sicilian blood orange). It’s also the perfect opportunity to cosy up on a café terrace watching the world go by while enjoying a delicious thick hot chocolate with panna (whipped cream)!

Christmas in Rome

As Italy is largely a Christian country, it takes its Christmas celebrations seriously, and this can be seen especially in Rome. Colourful lights illuminate the main shopping streets while if you head to the Piazza Navona you will find the city’s biggest Christmas market. Here you’ll find a host of stalls selling all kinds of items from handmade sweets to wooden toys, Christmas decorations and more. You’ll also be able to try the delicious foods on offer prepared just for Christmas, such as panettone. The festive atmosphere in Rome at this time of year simply cannot be beaten!

Pleasant climate

In the summer, Italy is a popular holiday destination due to its blue skies and sunshine, and you can also experience this much of the time in the winter too. Though the temperatures are lower, and the city does sometimes get rain or even snow, you can normally expect to enjoy a beautiful crisp day exploring the streets of Rome (and some great photos as a result). The climate is therefore extremely pleasant, even though the city doesn’t enjoy the heat of the summer at this time of year.

More freedom

With fewer hordes of tourists also exploring the streets of Rome, you’ll have much more choice as to the attractions you visit, the restaurants you eat at, and the hotels you stay in, as they are less likely to be booked up or at capacity. Although it is unlikely you’ll be able to have St Peter’s Square or the Pantheon all to yourself, you’ll be more likely to see everything you wanted to see on a winter visit to Rome.

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