5 of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados

Barbados is world-famous for being a truly tropical paradise, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches leading out onto the glistening blue waters of the Caribbean. What makes the beaches of Barbados so great is that for every crowded beach packed out with sun-seekers, there is another where you can have the entire beach to yourself. Some are surrounded by dramatic caves and cliffs, while others lead out onto reefs of endless colourful coral. Here are just five of the stunning beaches you can encounter on a holiday of a lifetime at our boutique hotels in Barbados.

Bottom Bay

Hidden away on the south-eastern coast, Bottom Bay is one of the hardest beaches to find on the island; yet looking for it is well worth it, as it is a far cry from the large-scale development found on some of Barbados’ other beaches. Surrounded by tall cliffs, Bottom Bay is characterised by beautiful white sand and smooth rolling waves. Although the currents are a little strong for swimming, it’s a picture-perfect place for a picnic.

Crane Beach

Although Crane Beach is arguably the most famous beach in Barbados, it’s famous for a reason despite the crowds. Not only does it offer incredible natural scenery, but also some of the best bodyboarding to be had on the whole island. As this beach is so popular, it’s easy to access and has a number of facilities, including a number of fantastic restaurants and bars which are perfect for an evening cocktail.

Sandy Lane Beach

Popular with A-list celebrities, Sandy Lane Beach is one of Barbados’ more exclusive beaches, featuring perfect turquoise waters and tropical reefs, which are crystal clear and perfect for swimmers. It can however get very crowded, especially during the high season, so visit in the early morning or late afternoon to see Sandy Lane at its best.

Carlisle Bay

Located next to the capital city of Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay is famous not only for its beauty, but also for offering the best snorkelling in Barbados. The Carlisle Bay Marine Park offers a variety of sights to be seen on the ocean floor, from colourful corals to gigantic ship anchors – a truly unique experience. If relaxing is more your thing, Carlisle Bay is also perfect for a late afternoon swim followed by a delicious meal looking out onto the water.

Mullins Bay

Mullins Bay is yet another Barbados beach which offers an unforgettable snorkelling experience. The clear blue waters are teeming with tropical fish, while you may also spot a sea turtle swimming near the beach’s eye-catching rock formations. Out of the water, Mullins Bay still remains effortlessly beautiful – this is a beach not to be missed.

Where to stay

Cobbler's Cove - best boutique hotel in Barbados

Cobblers Cove

Situated on the island’s western coast overlooking its very own quiet beach is one of our favourite Caribbean boutique hotels, Cobblers Cove. Combining English elegance and Caribbean charm, it’s home to 40 luxury suites as well as a host of facilities that really make Cobbler’s Cove the ultimate one-stop destination. It’s perfect not only for a relaxing holiday on the beach but an active one too: offering activities including sailing, surfing, tennis, waterskiing, and even swimming with turtles. The award-winning onsite Camelot Restaurant serves tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners which let the very best traditional Caribbean flavours shine through.

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