Escalus Luxury Suites

Escalus Luxury Suites, Verona

Sometimes when you are travelling you want the atmosphere and social aspect of a small hotel, while at other times you want the complete freedom of an apartment. At Escalus Luxury Suites you get a bit of both. The experience of staying here is like having your own private apartment in Verona along with a 24-hour concierge service. On check in you are instantly given a map and shown the nearby restaurants and attractions, but this isn’t the same information given to everyone. The attentive staff ask you your preferences – are you looking for budget or gastronomy? Local or international cuisine? Are you interested in designer shopping or boutique homewares? Art or culture? They will then tailor their recommendations to suit.

Breakfast in bed

The suites are spacious enough to allow you to imagine you have rented a private apartment, and some come complete with their own kitchenette. But you won’t have to make your own breakfast. Instead you simply order room service and it is delivered to your room. Because I never know what time my children will wake I opted for a fairly early breakfast time, but requested that they let themselves into the apartment to deliver it rather than ringing the bell, just in case we were treated to a rare lie in. They let themselves in and laid out the breakfast on the large desk as quietly as cat burglars, while we slept. We woke to the delightful sight of beautifully laid table with a pot of fresh coffee, plates of ham and cheese, hot chocolate for the kids, sliced fruit and baskets of bread and pastries. I was relieved to be spared the constant attention I need to pay the children if we are in a shared dining room and was able to breakfast in peace while they idoled about nibbling on this and that.

Romeo and Juliet

There was so much food we were able to make ourselves up a picnic lunch to take out with us on our sightseeing trip to Juliet’s house and the remains of the Roman theatre, both within walking distance of the suites. Escalus Suites is also ideally situated for shopping, as it is just a hop from the main shopping street of Via Mazzini. So close that if you were in serious shopping mood you could come back to drop some bags off before heading out again. And being January many of the stores were offering reductions of up to 70% … a lethal combination.

Antonia Windsor stayed and reviewed Escalus Luxury Suites in February 2015

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