Enjoy cuisine prepared by over 50 renowned chefs at Vila Joya’s International Gourmet Festival

Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca); CHEF JOAN ROCA PLATING DURING DINNER SERVICE; Photo: Vasco Celio / Stills

One of the world’s most prestigious gourmet events returns to Portugal’s sun-kissed Algarve region this November, taking place at one of Chic Retreats’ gorgeous boutique hotels, Vila Joya.

The Tribute to Claudia International Gourmet Festival, held in honour of Claudia Jung, the founder of Vila Joya will bring over 50 renowned chefs from all over Europe, most with Michelin stars, together to participate in a six-night extravaganza celebrating haute cuisine.

The programme, laid out between November 10-15, promises some once-in-a-lifetime dinner events under the theme of Traditions, bringing together the most acclaimed chefs from throughout Portugal and Europe, who will be on hand to present their truly innovative visions and ideas of traditional gastronomy.

One of the highlights of the programme is the tribute night to Dieter Koschina, the two Michelin-star head chef of Vila Joya, who celebrates his 20th anniversary of having received his first Michelin star. In his honour, 20 European chefs who were mentored under him throughout his illustrious career will create an incredibly special 20-course amuse-bouche menu. Koschina will also headline a special night of his own in the much-awaited “Koschina and Friends”, when Koschina and several of his good friends, who also happen to be extraordinary chefs, put on a night of fun and food not to be missed.

Also on the bill is Incredible India by chef Alfred Prasad, where he will add a 21st century spin on authentic and traditional Indian dishes, crEATive Portugal, which will feature chefs from each of Portugal’s 12 Michelin-starred restaurants, and Munich Maestros, which welcomes some of the most internationally renowned icons of German gastronomy to Vila Joya.

The experience at Vila Joya doesn’t have to end with the food, however – book a gorgeous boutique hotel room here today for a truly unforgettable Portuguese escape. Prices begin at €230 a night.

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