Cinque Rooms

Cinque Rooms, Verona

Before we arrived at Cinque Rooms, a small, discreet boutique hotel in romantic Verona, we were given a code so we could access our room directly from the street. This “street hotel” is the perfect place to choose if you are looking for privacy. Unlike other boutique hotels in Verona there is no reception, and you have access directly to your room, so you could stay here without ever needing to speak to anyone. There are just five rooms at pavement level, with windows that you can look out of but can’t see into. All the rooms are soundproofed so that even if other guests are staying you won’t hear them, and they won’t hear you.

Lifes little luxuries

Great attention has been paid to the details in the room to make them as comfortable as possible. A Nespresso coffee maker, a Bose bluetooth speaker and design features such as bendable reading lamps beside the bed and theatrical spots. In fact, the rooms have so many different lights and lamps you can create just the atmosphere you are looking for. They are decorated with colourful printed fabrics and a mix of old and new styles – a Louis XV dresser paired with a purple perspex side table.

Where to eat

The hotel is in the area of the Basilica di Santa Zeno, one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture, and there are many friendly cafes and eateries. The one that comes recommended by Cinque is Casa Perbellini, in Piazza San Zeno, which is a gourmet restaurant run by the chef Giancarlo Perbellini.

The one thing that took us by surprise is that there is no provision for breakfast at Cinque Rooms. They recommend you go to Pasticceria Perbellini in Via Catullo, but we didn’t all want to get up and head to the centre at 8am, so I took my daughter to a little bar across the road and had a coffee and pastry for a few euros while I waited for the supermarket next door to open at 8.30am. From there we were able to buy some fresh bread and ham and fruits to take to our room. Alternatively you could feast on the goodies of the well-stocked mini bar, which includes biscuits and chocolate as well as prosecco, wine and beer. There is wifi throughout the hotel, but we struggled with it when we were there, which we were told is down to some work they are doing in the area. But if you choose Cinque for the discretion it offers in the city of Romeo and Juliet, then the need for wifi will probably not be top of your list!

Cinque Rooms was reviewed by Antonia Windsor in February 2015

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