Chic guide to Morocco

When should I go?

Morocco is a fantastic all-year-round destination: expect balmy temperatures, bustling markets and cool desert breezes. If you’re after excitement, then head there in early/ late summer; there’ll be plenty of atmosphere, lots of sunshine and many other tourists to rub shoulders with. If you’re looking for a quieter stay then consider visiting in spring/ autumn; the temperatures are still lovely and the hotels and souks are a little more peaceful.

Where can I stay?

There are a number of small, exquisite boutique hotels in Morocco. It seems to have the boutique style and attention to detail all wrapped up, making it difficult for the traveller to choose which unique hotel to stay in. There’s the Riad AnaYela in Marrakech which has just five rooms, but where the decoration, furnishing and service ensure that you have the best of both worlds – a perfect place to stay, with the many attractions of Marrakech just around the corner. Alternatively, stay in the Kasbah du Toubkal boutique hotel in the Atlas Mountains, which reportedly has the best views in North Africa, and where your stay is enhanced by the informal feel of the hotel and the services offered. Surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the landscape, it is a place that has inspired anyone who’s stayed there. Whether you want to stay in the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, on the beaches of Essaouira or in the heart of the mountains, there’s a boutique hotel waiting for you.

What can I see?

Wherever you’re staying, you should make an effort to visit Marrakech. The coming together of civilisations, conquerors and craftsmen makes it a truly eclectic city, yet one that’s bound together by the beauty of its buildings, the simplicity of its crafts and the awe of its visitors. Its souks, or markets, which are organised by trade, are a fascinating insight into the life of Marrakech’s residents and an experience not to be missed. Spend some time in the Place Djemma El Fna – the city’s main square, where regular entertainment keep the crowds amused, and then walk through the streets of the old town, taking in the magnificent medieval buildings and romantic gardens. The rest of Morocco holds its own delights – the whitewashed buildings in the simple coastal resort of Essaouira, the regal buildings of Rabat or the market town of Tata in the Sahara – you will find plenty of reasons to return to Morocco. Fes is a more undiscovered city and is home to som authentic Moroccan boutique hotels and luxury riads including Riad Fes which has rooftop views across the city.

How do I get around?

You can hire a car in Morocco, as driving is fairly easy (though it can be a little dangerous) and it will let you explore more of the area around your chosen destination. Petrol can be expensive, so it may be wise just to hire a car for a day or two rather than for your whole stay. Morocco operates a system of shared taxis, which works out pretty cheaply and is fairly straightforward to use. Alternatively, try the bus network, which is generally comfortable and, although they may reach their destination later than a shared taxi, it will be a smoother, safer ride. If you’re travelling between cities, then choose the trains, which are also comfortable and affordable.

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Andrew is a firm believer that travelling like a local inevitably leads to the best off-the-beaten-path finds which truly make a destination remarkably more memorable. From traditional Indian festivals in humid Hyderabad to fresh seafood pasta by the Sorrentine Peninsula, he appreciates variety when travelling. He hasn't been everywhere, but it’s on the list.