Bologna Festival 2015


The Bologna Festival is an eight month festival filled with a variety of music and concerts, from classical music to opera and contemporary. Founded in 1982, the festival has continued to grow in both size and popularity. There are three sections of performances spread throughout the year: Great Performers (March 18th – October 7th), Talents (April 7th – September 14th) and The New and the Old (September 14th – November 8th), with the various themes bringing together all manner of talent to suit all musical tastes.

With performances held with a theatrical flourish in venues across the city such as the Teatro Manzoni, Bologna provides a stylish backdrop for the festival. The performers include major international orchestra, soloists and chamber ensembles; among them are the Orpheus Chambert Orchestra, Quartet Nous and Three Faces of Isabelle Faust. Younger audiences can also enjoy the Baby Bofe series of performances, where they will be introduced to the world of classical music via young choir members, orchestra members and musicians.

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