Barbados celebrates its 50th year of independence in style

Join Barbados in its 50th anniversary independence celebrations at our Caribbean boutique hotels

A small Caribbean island with a population of 300,000, Barbados is one of our best-loved island destinations, not only for its incredible beaches but also because of its lively culture, incredible food and fantastic events. On 30 November 1966, Barbados was declared independent from the United Kingdom, with this year in Barbados leading up to an exciting 50-year anniversary celebration.

2016 is therefore set to be a great year for visiting Barbados, which will be hosting not only new events but also ensuring that the most popular island events are bigger and better than they ever have been. For those that like to get active while enjoying the incredible scenery, there’s a plethora of unmissable sporting events such as the Run Barbados Series, the Mount Gay Regatta, the Sol Rally and the Open Water Swimming Festival – there really is no place better for sports than under the Caribbean sun.

New events being planned and launched this year to showcase the wonders of Barbados even further include the “From Shore to Shore” flower show and garden festival, featuring several varieties of plants which all help to create the island’s unrivalled beauty. Big hits, such as the wildly popular Food, Wine and Rum Festival, and the two-month-long extravaganza of Crop Over, celebrating the end of the sugar cane harvest in the liveliest ways possible, are also bound to return with a new sense of joy as the anniversary approaches.

Among other events visitors can enjoy that all make up part of the island’s unique fabric are the Barbados Reggae Festival, the second largest of its kind in the Caribbean, Gospelfest and December’s Classical Pops. Whenever you decide to visit during Barbados’ Year of Independence, there’s bound to be something going on that really captures the true essence of this amazing island – book your Caribbean boutique hotels today to avoid missing out.

Image: Berit Watkin, available under Creative Commons

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