Experiencing holistic Ayurveda treatments in blissful Sri Lanka

Ayurveda treatments are one of the things that you simply must experience while in Sri Lanka, with spas, hotels and resorts dedicated to the medicine and offering a range of treatments to make you feel rejuvenated both inside and out. Read on to find out more about this traditional practice, and then – if you’re tempted to try it – head to our Sri Lanka page to book a stay in some of the best boutique hotels the country has to offer.

Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine indigenous to Sri Lanka, derived from the Sinhala, Ayurveda and Siddha systems of India, the Unani system of Greece, and the Desheeya Chikitsa, another indigenous medicine system of Sri Lanka. It holds the belief that each person holds three elements: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and that every person needs a different balance of the three. This sets out one of Ayurveda’s main goals – to identify and restore a person’s ideal state of balance.

In order to restore this balance and improve physical and mental health, Ayurveda uses aromatherapy, music, meditation and massage treatments as interventions. Below are just a few of the Ayurvedic treatments offered by health resorts throughout Sri Lanka:

Body massage

Depending on the balance of elements you require, whole body massages are given with different therapeutic oils, and involve different combinations of strokes including squeezing, rubbing, tapping and kneading. Ayurvedic body massage is said to be beneficial for body aches, improving the skin, musculoskeletal conditioning and general rejuvenation.

Herbal baths

During a herbal bath, herbal leaves and roots are boiled, to create a sensual bathing experience. Depending on the person’s condition and ailment, different types of herbal water are used. The herbal steam bath is a variation of this, where the steam from the boiled herbs are passed through the body for a certain period of time.


Using a combination of special oils, Ayurvedic facial treatments help to give your face a smooth complexion, balancing out the oils in your skin and keeping you looking young.

Where to stay

Tempted to try some of these amazing Ayurvedic treatments for yourself? Browse our collection of boutique accommodation in Sri Lanka for some ideas on where to stay. From elegantly renovated tea estates to to tiniest luxury B&B’s: you can be sure of a unique and unforgettable experience.

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