5 romantic activities that couples need to do while in Venice

The choice of many for a honeymoon or a lovers’ getaway, Venice is famous for being a romantic holiday destination, with much for couples to enjoy, including the city’s history, culture and architecture. We’ve come up with five of the most popular romantic activities for couples to enjoy in Venice, all within a close proximity of our Venice hotels – read on to find out more:

Visit the Rialto Bridge

One of four bridges stretching across the city’s Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge is considered by many as the most romantic spot in Venice, due to its famous love locks which once covered the bridge’s railings. Though eventually the love locks were removed as they were found to make the bridge unstable, couples would once attach a padlock to the bridge, throwing away the key to mark their love for each other.

See the sights from Campanile Bell Tower

A visit to the top of the Campanile Bell Tower is one of the best ways to soak up the sights of the entire city, offering up a panoramic viewpoint where the two of you can look out onto the streets of Venice together in awe. As you rise up the lift to the observation deck, you may also hear the tower’s chiming bells.

Enjoy a gondola ride on the Grand Canal

Riding on a gondola along the Grand Canal is one of the most iconic images of Venice, and is a fun and different way to explore the city. As you sit back and enjoy the sights with your loved one, you can also enjoy the luxuries of a bottle of fine wine and even your own singer on board to further entertain you.

Visit Venice’s contemporary art venues

Like many Italian cities, Venice has a lively arts scene, with many galleries and exhibitions worth visiting. Peggy Guggenheim’s Collection of 20th Century Masters hosts a variety of modern artworks, while the Punta della Dogana is home to works by artists both from Italy and around the world.

Experience the opera

With Italy being the natural home of the opera, there is no better place to enjoy a traditional performance and experience the magic and romance of the theatre. One of the city’s premier opera venues is the Teatro La Fenice, where a variety of operatic performances are staged, from classical to modern.

Images: chensiyuan under Creative Commons

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